About us

Who we are

For over 15 years, we've set the gold standard in the bullion market, embodying excellence and reliability. Our commitment is to provide a trustworthy and seamless experience in trading physical gold and silver, making these valuable assets accessible to individuals worldwide. At the market's forefront, we blend tradition with innovation, empowering you to protect and enhance your wealth.

What we do

Revolutionizing the trade of physical gold and silver, we offer seamless market access through our advanced app, ensuring instant execution and guaranteed two-way pricing. Your investments are safeguarded with our secure vaulting solutions, covering every aspect of wealth management. With us, your prosperity is protected and empowered.

Our mission and values

With a customer-first philosophy, our aim is to simplify the trading of physical gold and silver, empowering you with a reliable platform for wealth protection and financial freedom. Our service makes precious metals trading accessible and economical, enhancing your profitability and security. At our core, we value transparency, integrity, and innovation, ensuring your path to a financially secure future is clear.

Our Story

Originating from Dubai's dynamic landscape, we embraced gold and silver's enduring legacy to empower individuals with accessible wealth-building opportunities. Our essence is to merge tradition with technology, offering a gateway to secure and democratize precious metal investments. We stand as your partner in fostering a future where financial stability and prosperity are within everyone's reach.

Physical Withdrawal: Unwavering Assurance

At ISA Bullion, your empowerment is our priority. We stand by an unwavering guarantee for the withdrawal of your physical gold and silver on demand, reinforcing our commitment to flexibility and exceptional service. This assurance is a testament to our dedication to providing you with a seamless and secure investment journey, backed by rigorous adherence to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. With ISA Bullion, you gain not just a service, but a partnership built on trust and reliability, ensuring your investments are always within reach.

Guaranteed Two-Way Pricing & Buyback Assurance

Embrace the confidence that comes with ISA Bullion’s guaranteed two-way pricing, ensuring you’re always offered transparent and consistent sell prices. This clarity empowers you to navigate your investments with precision. Importantly, each piece of bullion we offer is backed by a clear chain of custody. This means we guarantee a buyback if the bullion has remained with our vaulting partners, never leaving our secure custody. This approach not only strengthens our pledge to your financial success but also safeguards the integrity and value of your investments, enhancing trust and assurance in our services.

Our Management Team

Meet the dedicated leaders behind ISA Bullion. Each member of our executive team brings a depth of experience and a commitment to excellence that propels ISA Bullion to lead in the bullion market. Their combined expertise shapes our strategic direction, ensuring we continue to offer unparalleled service and innovation in the world of precious metals trading.

Zunaid Aziz Moti
Chief Executive Officer

Leading our company with passion and a vision for the future. With a proven track record in the bullion market, He is committed to shaping the landscape of trading.

Aziz Moti
Chief Operating Officer

Meet Aziz, the driving force behind seamless operations ensuring our platform functions with precision and efficiency.

Anwar Habib
General Manager & Head of Bullion

Leading our bullion division, with strong expertise in precious metals and compliance regulations, shaping the future of bullion trading with a keen grasp of market dynamics.

Trade license

We are a registered and regulated trading company under the rules of the DMCC Dubai Authority. Our license number is DMCC-31227

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Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with the Industry's Best: Our alliances with leading names ensure unparalleled security and quality in every transaction.