26 July 2023

Gold Outlook: 25% of Global Central Banks Plan to Buy More Gold in 2023!


Objective of the Survey

Recent data reveals that central banks gold buying is on the rise, reflecting a strategic shift in their financial asset management. This trend not only underscores the growing importance of gold as a stable reserve asset but also highlights broader economic implications for global markets. This article delves into why central banks are increasingly turning to gold and how this impacts global financial stability.

Key Findings of the Survey

Growth in Gold Reserves

One of the standout revelations from the survey is that approximately 25% of the central banks plan to increase their gold holdings in the coming year, underscoring a strategic valuation of gold.

Increasing Confidence in Gold

Moreover, the findings suggest that there’s a growing belief among these institutions that gold will play a more crucial role in their reserves going forward. Additionally, compared to previous years, there’s an enhanced appreciation for the asset’s stability and reliability, signaling a strategic shift in financial planning.

Declining Confidence in the US Dollar

Furthermore, the survey indicated a decline in confidence regarding the future dominance of the US dollar as the global currency. Consequently, this uncertainty likely motivates central banks to diversify their reserves with gold, reducing their dependency on the US dollar.

Interest from Developing Economies

Importantly, developing economies are showing a notable surge in interest towards increasing gold reserves. They perceive substantial benefits to their economic frameworks by holding more gold, which could lead to enhanced economic resilience.

Central Banks Gold Buying: A Strategic Overview

Results from the World Gold Council’s survey show that around one-fourth of the central banks are planning to bolster their gold reserves significantly in the next 12 months. Therefore, these central banks are not merely looking to buy gold; they see it as a move to enhance the overall strength and stability of their economies.

By increasing their gold reserves, these banks aim to secure their nations’ wealth and bolster financial stability. Historically, gold has proven its worth, maintaining its value even in uncertain economic times, which solidifies its role as a strategic asset.

Growing Optimism About Gold’s Role

Central banks globally are becoming more optimistic about the future role of gold, a sentiment stemming from several factors:

Diversification and Risk Management

Firstly, by incorporating gold into their reserves, central banks can mitigate the risks associated with other investments or currencies. Additionally, gold’s performance during economic uncertainties reinforces its status as a safe haven.

Stability Alternative to the US Dollar

Moreover, with growing concerns about the stability of the US dollar, gold presents itself as a stable alternative that can safeguard against potential currency fluctuations.

The Impact of Central Banks Gold Buying on Global Economics

This section would explore how the strategic decisions by central banks to increase their gold reserves affect global economics. It could discuss impacts such as changes in global gold prices, effects on international trade balances, and potential shifts in geopolitical power due to changes in economic stability. Each of these elements ties back to the central theme of how gold buying by central banks is reshaping economic landscapes around the world.

Reasons Behind Central Banks’ Interest in Buying More Gold

Diversification and Risk Management

Illustration of decreasing confidence in the US dollar among global central banks

Central banks aim to balance their portfolios and reduce dependence on any single asset or currency by investing in gold.

Financial Stability

Enhancing the stability of their financial systems is a priority, and gold serves as a reliable long-term value store.

Hedging Against Currency Fluctuations

With significant holdings in foreign currencies, central banks use gold to hedge against possible currency devaluations.

Geopolitical Considerations

In the face of global geopolitical uncertainties, gold acts as a secure asset, helping to stabilize their financial positions.


Recognizing gold as a valuable asset, central banks’ increased interest is likely to positively influence gold prices. This trend offers a golden opportunity for investors.

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