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Interested in gold trading? Download one of the most secure online Gold Trading apps in the world. With the best Gold trading company in Dubai, you can execute real-time gold trading online in UAE and worldwide directly from the platform, track instant profits, scoop the latest Gold trends and analyze live Spot charts to enjoy seamless Gold day trading like never before. Make real time bullion trading possible with custom market alerts to always profit at the right time.

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Gold Services We Deliver

  • # International Gold Trading Online

    Gain the power to make profits anywhere, anytime. Secure your investments in real-time by trading in physical Gold. Secure above-average returns with minimal risk.

  • # Execution

    Make real time Bullion buy & sell decisions. Lock in your profits at any time. Enjoy quick & seamless trade executions with guaranteed two-way pricing that gives you a buying and selling price from the start.

  • # Vaulting

    Highly advanced, 24/7 monitoring and robust vault security service. We ensure your Gold assets remain physically stored until you decide to gain possession or sell.

  • # Insurance We keep your holdings safe, secure, and risk-averse. Partnered with Brinks & Transguard - world leading 3rd party security vaults for safe-keeping of your possession.

  • # Worldwide Physical Bullion Delivery

    Personalized international deliveries of actual gold bullion on special requests to your doorstep worldwide. Shipping possible to your location after prior agreement of delivery quotation between you and Brinks or Transguard.

  • # Enjoy Actual & Online Gold Trading in Dubai - UAE

    Get hassle-free physical gold bullion deliveries anywhere in the UAE on request with minimum inconvenience and cost. Alternatively collect your physical bullion from our offices in Almas Tower, JLT. Your choice.

Why Should You Invest In Gold?

  • # Bullion Strongly Holds Its Value

    When you want to protect yourself and your wealth, Gold is the only real value that has stood the test of time. It is immune to external circumstances making it an ideal investment to hold during uncertain times and currency fluctuations.

  • # USD vs Bullion: Inverse Relationship

    Whenever the price of USD falls, Gold prices rise. Eg: 2008 Financial crisis

  • # Inflation

    Popular hedging instrument against inflation. If the price of the US dollar falls due to inflation, Gold price will automatically rise.

  • # Deflation

    Gold and silver bullion serve as barriers against deflation. Gold holds its value when other assets decrease in value.

  • # Geopolitical Uncertainty

    Bullion is often remarked as a "Crisis Commodity" because people flock to gold and silver during times of world tension. Historically, Bullion prices also see a rise when governments tend to lose people’s trust. Such uncertainties make Bullion an excellent investment during challenging geopolitical situations.

  • # Increasing Demand

    Always high in demand in countries like India & China due to its cultural significance

  • # Portfolio Diversification

    Bullion is a stable asset that reduces risk and volatility when combined with stocks and bonds.

  • # Invest In A Better Future

    Bullion investments fare better than investments in paper currency in the long run as Gold always holds its value unlike paper currencies.


For Gold

We offer highly affordable buying and selling rates for physical Gold with minimal cost.

(Minimal mark up and mark downs include storage & insurance of Your assets.)

If you are buying and selling in Ounces - $2.5/OZ If you are buying and selling in Kilograms - $2/OZ
Minimum Buy & Sell Qty - 1 Ounce

If you’re buying

You only have to pay $2.5/oz extra on the actual Spot Price per ounce of your physical asset.

For example: If 1 ounce Gold bar costs $1900 at Spot Price - You only have to pay a $2.5 mark up.

  • $1900 Spot Price Per Ounce
  • $2.5 Mark Up
  • $1902.5/OZ You Pay
Minimum Buy & Sell Qty - 1 OZ

If you’re selling

You only have to pay $2.5 extra on the actual Selling Price of your physical asset.

For example: If your Gold Bullion sells at $1900 at Spot Price - We will only deduct a $2.5 mark down per ounce.

  • $1900 Spot Price Per Ounce
  • $2.5 Mark Down
  • $1897.5/OZ You Get

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Rates and Costs

  • Opening an Account

  • Depositing Funds

  • Insurance

  • Vaulting

Trading in Gold
  • Ounces - $2.5/Oz

  • Kilograms - $2/Oz

Trading in Silver
  • Kilograms - $0.05/Oz

  • For a detailed understanding of Rates, please visit here


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